Nathan’s “Undertow” receives the Frederick Fennell prize from ASCAP/CBDNA!

I’m happy to announce that my wind ensemble work Undertow won the Frederick Fennell prize from ASCAP/CBDNA! This is an exciting development which I hope will see the piece reaching new ears. The piece will be performed by a prominent ensemble and featured at an upcoming conference.

Undertow is a work in three continuous movements and takes inspiration for its special orchestrational colors from the Atlantic Ocean. Early inspiration for the piece came from Debussy’s La Mer, but Undertow features a darker perspective on bodies
of water – one in which the natural violence of the ocean is put into sharp relief. The piece makes heavy use of microcanonic effects, wherein many instruments play the same material but begin at slightly different times. The effect is one that evokes the tumbling shape of waves or of swirling eddies.

Look forward to more updates soon!

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