“Undertale” Review


It’s no secret that I’m a voracious consumer of video games and the culture surrounding them. My compositions often feature material inspired by video game soundtracks and so my ears perk up when a new and noteworthy game makes its way onto the scene. Undertale, by Toby Fox, is a game I recently finished exploring and it was such a great experience that I felt I simply had to acknowledge it here. Not only is the story and meta-narrative of Undertale very compelling, but the music is also excitinghilarious, and delightfully retro.

The content of the game not only comments wittily on the conventions of RPG games, but also cleverly starts a dialogue on the gamer’s relation and attachment to fiction and fictional characters. It’s so lovingly well-crafted, with every detail considered, that you’ll surely find yourself enraptured. Check the game out on Steam for Mac or Windows!

Needless to say, playing Undertale was inspiring. I’m sure I’ll have it to credit for some compositional ideas to come in the near future! Thanks, Toby!

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